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Going Quackers at ThinkVisibility

Its the morning after, the morning after ThinkVisibility 5  and I'm trying to get my fuzzy head round some of my notes of the sessions, which appear to be written in some sort of unbreakable code!  Apparently the best code breakers try and get inside of the head of the coder, which you would think is easy for me, but it aint!  So rather than try and recreate my mindset when taking these notes, which my liver cannot do, I'll have to wing it.


Advanced Link Manager

I thought I would give you all a brief overview of Advanced Link Manager (ALM), which is a link building, link popularity and link manager tool.  ALM is not just a tool for professional SEO's it is also a useful tool for those who are serious about running their own e-commerce site as it allows you to analyse who is linking to you.

Remember if you buy Advanced Link Manager and Advanced Web Ranking together you'll get 50% off Advanced Link Manager, but hurry I don't know how long this offer will last.


Advanced Web Ranking Review

I recently received a 6 month trial license for Advanced Web Ranking through, the normal trial period is 1 month - membership has it’s privileges.  However, after trying out this software I soon discovered the value of it and the limitations of a trial licence - clever marketing!


5 ways to evaluate a link

link-buildingLinking building is an essential part of of optimising your website.  Being able to assess a quality link will not only save you lots of time but will give you boost up the SERP's.  It is therefore important to critically examine the site you wish a link from.

Here are my top five things you should consider when evaluating a link source.


DIY SEO anyone?

questionReading SEO forums can be very educational,  dull and down right funny.  Funny?  Well if you haven't seen this thread on Google Webmaster Central check it now (see link below) .  Some people have accused the SEO company of being Cowboys but unless you see a chaps and a horse they are very hard to identify,  certainly in this context - or is it just me.


A4uExpo London 2009

georgeseoToday, Monday, is the first day I am back at my desk after the A4uExpo in London.  Straight after the conference, I jetted (well, ferried) off to sunny Arran, on the Clyde Riviera, where I had a tremendous weekend with the family - making up for the London trip.  I know how to spoil them.

This was my first A4uExpo and I have to ask myself the question, why did it take so long in  deciding to come?   Taking account of the mass of networking opportunities, the knowledge offered and the new ideas shared more than made up for the financial outlay - which makes attending  the A4uExpo London next year a no-brainer!


The art of links

I say art of link for a good reason. Like art mass production affects value and this is the case sending out mass email request for links. reduces the value of your email.   Some people, in fact some SEO firms will just thousands of emails as follow:

"Hey, I really like your site. I am interested in a non reciprocal link from your website to mine.

If you are interested please reply, Many thanks ......."

The above is typical of the emails I receive day in and day out.  It is just plain boring, I doesn't offer me anything and doesn't stand out.

Make your link request stand out.  Why should anyone link to your site without getting anything in return?


Searching, looking for love

This may give away my age but the words of Hazell Dean's eighties classic was ringing through my head, no I wasn't trying to "find me a man" but trying to find some link love.

We all know that link love is important to the search engines, in particular to Google which sees links as a recognition that your content may be relevant.  If you think about it is quite obvious, ignoring the complex algorithms,  just imagine building your own search engine.

A search on your site for "green wellies" may return millions of pages which seem to be relevant to the search term.  How would you order them or put it another way, which one would you be happy to return in the number one position?


Is there a sinister plan behind voucher codes?

The reason I ask this question is that with the ever growing popularity of voucher codes why are merchants offering these types of discounts. The usual answer you'll hear is that it improves conversions.  However I have noticed a severe drop in conversions when a merchant starts to offer discount vouchers so I don't really believe that.  It is widely acknowledge that Amazon, which only has a 24 hour cookie and no discount voucher code box, converts around 4% - no other company comes close!

On paper, the discount voucher code scheme should work!   If you offer a product then indicate that the consumer can achieve a further 5% saving using this code then the consumer would be further motivated to buy the product and you should get the commission.  On paper this may be a good idea but in reality the Internet savvy consumer will not be satisfied with this saving.  He will surf further looking for a a bigger discount and when he finds that there aren't any he'll just buy the product using the last entry site which is doubtless a voucher code dedicated site.  Result - loss in commission!