About Me

I am a Trading Standards Officer with over 16 years experience and care deeply about consumer rights.  In addition to my local government experience I have 10 years experience in the private sector, working for a debt management company and in digital marketing – basically I’m a poacher turned gamekeeper.

The purpose of setting up this blog is that I don’t like seeing people been fleeced or getting the wool pulled over their eyes by businesses only interested in making a quick buck. Dodgy businesses like to think of us like sheep – not that clever and happily following whatever’s been said. Hopefully this blog will inform and help you in any consumer issues you have.

My views are entirely my own and are not in any way reflective my employer’s – pretty sure that only comes into play when I say contentious stuff though.

Please note that I am offering up my views freely and if you decide to follow my suggestions I am not liable for any mistakes which I or you might make – I won’t make mistakes but if I did I still wouldn’t be liable.  Lets face it if you follow my advice and I’m wrong you should have gone to a lawyer in the first place since you can sue them if they offer duff advice as you’ve paid good money for their help.