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I thought I would give you all a brief overview of Advanced Link Manager (ALM), which is a link building, link popularity and link manager tool.  ALM is not just a tool for professional SEO’s it is also a useful tool for those who are serious about running their own e-commerce site as it allows you to analyse who is linking to you.

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ALM Versions

Like Advanced Web Ranking, ALM’s software is desktop based and comes in four versions.

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Server

Standard ALM

The Standard version is ideal for those who have their own site but don’t yet have a detailed knowledge of the SEO world.  This version has the following features

  • Search engine friendly – which means that it simulates a manual checking of your back links.
  • Link Evolution charts – which charts over time your link development, see screen shot below.
  • Track reciprocal links – this allows you find out when a link partner has removed one of your links.
  • Schedule updates – so you can still be working even when your sleeping!
  • Google and Yahoo API – allowing programmatical querying of the search engines.

Backlinks Evolution Report

Professional ALM

This version is is useful for those who own their own e-commerce website and/or the amateur SEO.  In addition to the above features the Professional version of ALM allows you to

  • Produce printable reports – this feature is highly customisable and can be tailored for any search engine.
  • Send reports by email – so once an update has finished you can send it to any email address.  This means you could go on holiday, keep ALM running and still get the ALM reports.
  • Create link pages which can be uploaded automatically with links to your partners.
  • Upload generated reports via an FTP server.

Enterprise ALM

Enterprise is more for the professional SEO and or site owner.  In addition to the the Professional version the Enterprise provides you with the following features

  • Assess domain quality – ALM has a metric which analyses the quality of the domain which is ideal when looking for good quality links.
  • Project manager function, which is ideal for organising your projects.
  • Identifies potential link partners – use the search engines to find new link partners which you can drill into further and find even more link opportunities.
  • Proxy per project – this function allows you, via a proxy server to see the same results in different parts of the world as you customer do.
  • Triggers -This allows the selection of one or more filters which will be applied to the initial referrers list and an action to be performed on matching referrers.


The Server licence provides all of the above features but allows lots of clients to connect to the same database.  This is achieved connecting applications to a TCP/IP server which has access to a local database.


Advance Link Manager is an ideal solution for those who are serious about their online presence and the 4 versions, make it an extremely accessible piece of software.  As anybody in the business will tell you if you are not linked your not liked, by the search engines.

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