DIY SEO anyone?

questionReading SEO forums can be very educational,  dull and down right funny.  Funny?  Well if you haven’t seen this thread on Google Webmaster Central check it now (see link below) .  Some people have accused the SEO company of being Cowboys but unless you see a chaps and a horse they are very hard to identify,  certainly in this context – or is it just me.

I have to say that on first reading of the thread I burst out laughing -I stopped at the bit you’ll stop at.   I then read the rest of the thread which made me think about the role of using forums such as GWC for second opinions, helpful hints etc on SEO questions.

I think that the owner/MD of the site acted very unfairly towards the SEO company and to Gary, the OP.  Do DIY Doctors think that when they visit a real doctor and he’s not sure about the diagnosis he’ll just take a stab at what he thinks may be the problem?  No, he’ll consult reference book and journals,  speak to colleagues and consultants to obtain a diagnosis.  Everyone in all manners of industry will consult with their peers and even ask questions in open forums about problems their experiencing. Then using that information to come up with their best guess as to the solution.

Having the tools and information about what the SEO problem is not enough.  You have to know what to do with the results and that’s where good SEO firms earn their money.  Using my doctors analogy – you know you have a broken leg and you know it should be operated on.  Would you go out and buy a scalpel, some Dettol and some plaster of Paris?

GWC and other SEO forums are places where people interested in SEO can bounce ideas off, seek opinions on theories and challenge establish practices.  Some times very knowledgeable people share perils of wisdom and some times very stupid people try to look knowledgeable.  The clever person is the one who quietly carries on his business recognising people for who they are.  DIY SEO anyone?

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