Going Quackers at ThinkVisibility

Its the morning after, the morning after ThinkVisibility 5  and I’m trying to get my fuzzy head round some of my notes of the sessions, which appear to be written in some sort of unbreakable code!  Apparently the best code breakers try and get inside of the head of the coder, which you would think is easy for me, but it aint!  So rather than try and recreate my mindset when taking these notes, which my liver cannot do, I’ll have to wing it.

ThinkVisibility #5 was my third conference, so I think I can call myself a regular now.  Leeds, the Bruges of the North, is a great venue for the non-Londoners.  Aside from the quality of speakers and content,  what I enjoy most about this conference, and why I keep going back, is meeting old friends and making new ones.  Some people call it networking, but at ThinkVis it’s more than that.  It is about connecting with people who have similar mindsets, which again, my liver cannot take.  Drinking aside, it’s great talk to people who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to combine a story about sleeping with a dog (canine) with the lasting impact of the Farmer update.

ThinkVisibility at a glance:

  • Showers can cause hotel rooms to flood;
  • Rubber ducks in our goody bags;
  • Paddy Moogan‘s session “Lets talk about links, baby”, where I got a couple of good ideas for link building and some strategies to avoid;
  • Stephen Pavlovich’s very interesting talk about the psychology of conversion rates;
  • Dom dressing up in a gold lame suit at lunch time and presenting a surreal version of Play Your Cards Right. Nothing for a pair….
  • Paul Madden‘s Adventures in Outsourcing gave us some of the outsourcing sites he uses.
  • Pick and mix sweets – cavity city
  • <moan>No Wifi, </moan>
  • <ribbing>Gary Taylor showed how it was possible to make over £4.40  in a hundred days from an initial investment of  £1,500</ribbing>.  Seriously, Gary has a great  entrepreneurial eye and his talks inspire.
  • If Dave Naylor decide to chuck SEO I think he could easily be the next Michael McIntyre.  I love listening to Dave and the way he can quickly analyse websites and offer out great advice.
  • Shaun Hobo Anderson receiving a box of 50 ducks mmm wonder why?
  • Nobody used the noun “killer” as an adjective in any sessions.

The conference closed with a video message from Jaamit Durrani’s very brave and strong wife.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place and.. I don’t think I can write any more which can do her and Jaamit enough justice.  Jaamit Durrani RIP

The evening party was a great end to the day.  Unfortunately I was too late for the free drinks due to my head meeting with the pillow on my bed -zzzzz.  However, I did arrive in time to play poker where I think the fact I was the only player who hadn’t drank that much, well rested and had lots of luck contributed to my success.  The poker tourney, organised by Al and Jason, raised over £400 which went to the Jaamit’s fund.  So well done everyone who contributed.

Looking forward to the Autumn and ThinkVisibility 6.

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