Searching, looking for love

This may give away my age but the words of Hazell Dean’s eighties classic was ringing through my head, no I wasn’t trying to “find me a man” but trying to find some link love.

We all know that link love is important to the search engines, in particular to Google which sees links as a recognition that your content may be relevant.  If you think about it is quite obvious, ignoring the complex algorithms,  just imagine building your own search engine.

A search on your site for “green wellies” may return millions of pages which seem to be relevant to the search term.  How would you order them or put it another way, which one would you be happy to return in the number one position?

Well I would return the page which has the most number of links or votes.  Just think about it, if you needed some advice on baking bread we would probably ask around to see who the best person to speak to would be.  If you didn’t get answer you were happy with you would expand your search and ask anyone you met  if they knew of baker who could help you.  Search engines operate in the same way.

So when your out there looking for link love bear in mind two things is the site trust worthy and is it relevant to my site.  I am not saying just go for these types of sites but your job in building up link love will be a lot easier if you do.

That’s me, I am off, not to find me a man but to look for more link love.

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