The art of links

I say art of link for a good reason. Like art mass production affects value and this is the case sending out mass email request for links. reduces the value of your email.   Some people, in fact some SEO firms will just thousands of emails as follow:

“Hey, I really like your site. I am interested in a non reciprocal link from your website to mine.

If you are interested please reply, Many thanks …….”

The above is typical of the emails I receive day in and day out.  It is just plain boring, I doesn’t offer me anything and doesn’t stand out.

Make your link request stand out.  Why should anyone link to your site without getting anything in return?

In some instances I have looked for sites which no longer exist, analyse the links through yahoo, and contact all the sites which are still linking to it and ask that they link to mine.  I also mention that the 404 error on sites may affect their rankings in the SERPS.   My top tip is do not head it up “Link Request” – it’ll just get binned.  Try something a bit out of the ordinary but not too spammy eg Broken links on your site.

The art of linking is standing out from the crowd, offering something of value and getting a link in return.  The more you personalise the link request the more attention will be paid by the recipient and perhaps you’ll get a nice wee link to your site.

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